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If you're a Coach, Consultant, or Service

Provider who has a PROVEN, DEMONSTRATED expertise that has ALREADY done the hard work getting people results and are highly in demand...

...but STILL haven’t experienced the kind of freedom-inducing revenue that lets you stop serving your customers one on one so you can do more of what you love…

...then I have a question for you.

What's the difference between...

...feeling like your course business is thriving with predictable revenue that:

  • keeps your team paid
  • gives you the freedom to CHOOSE how YOU want to spend your day
  • and still, have enough left over to create the kind of change you want to see in the world

...and having a course business that makes you:

  • stress-eat over the kitchen sink
  • ugly cry in your masterminds
  • and fight off feeling like a failure as your work days keep getting longer and longer without the revenue to show for it?

If you guessed...

  • launching multiple course offers with complicated upsells and downsells and tripwires and SLOs, you’d be wrong
  • slogging through it—trying to do it all yourself in order to save on expenses and keep costs low, you’d be wrong

And if you guessed...

  • logging hours in your DMs in an attempt to fill your funnel with leads that are about as hot as a day-old cup of coffee, you’d be wrong

Because while all those things might work, they’re not the answer.

And unless you’ve BUILT your course business to create IMPACT for both your students and your community, for sustainable scaling, and with a lean team behind you to share the load (while maintaining profitability)...

...the impact and income you’re working so hard to scale will, at best, come with a monthly 5-figure revenue that barely breaks even…

...and at worst, leave you feeling like you’re one disgruntled email away from total burnout.

Let me know if this sounds familiar…

  • You're bone-deep tired of chasing down shiny tactics and scouring Google for ways to feed your traffic-starved funnel (...if you even have a funnel at all.)
  • You're tango-ing with burnout as you work 16-hour days, giving up evenings and weekends, to sit behind a computer writing and rewriting your sales copy only to hate it all in the next morning.
  • And you can barely look your partner in the eye as you cancel plans, yet again, because you've "got to work."

The payoff SHOULD be there for all the time, energy, and money you’ve poured into yourself and your students.

You should have a course business that generates predictable AND scalable revenue.

You should have the profit margins that allow you to hire a team, reinvest in your business’s growth, AND create social change in your community.

And YOU should be the one running your course business, not having it run you.

Introducing Scale Insiders

My 1 tear intimate and premium mastermind & membership program is designed to help Coaches, Consultants and Service Providers (like you!) productize your expertise into a Signature Program and sell it with a system that creates predictable and profitable revenue.

We’re talking about the kind of revenue that elevates “experts ” from the side hustle status that everyone asks about but rarely believes will actually do well… something that makes jaws drop as you casually mention, “my SP brought in 6-figures last month”.


  • You want to generate an extra $20-$30k per month with your Signature Program

  • You’re ready to leverage your time and energy through automation in order to create consistent, scalable revenue

  • You’re decisive and ready to take action right NOW

  • You CARE about your students and get just as much satisfaction out of watching their wins as your own


  • You have NO CLUE what kind of offer you want to create or if there’s a demand for it
  • You’re not willing to get uncomfortable and learn from your mistakes
  • You’re not willing to approach our community with openness and coachability
  • Your only goal is to make bank, while stepping on whoever you can in your race to the top

"I am 100% committed to helping you scale faster!"


Hear from coaches, consultants, and experts just like yourself that have scaled their expertise by packaging it into a Signature Program.

"I'm so grateful I was introduced to her and Signature Programs that Scale™ and I’ve had the opportunity to work with her."

I’ve been coaching mindset and health to hundreds of people and I’m really excited that finally, because of Catherine Dove and her amazing work that my signature program is coming together so beautifully! Working with Catherine has been the most amazing experience for me. She’s amazing, and over-delivers every single day. She is truly a brilliant coach and I’ve hired a lot of coaches for different things.


"With Signature Programs that Scale™, Catherine has certainly created a step-by-step process that has helped me to get everything out of my head and into a workable format for a great signature program.

I know my content and the results that it can produce. But what I didn’t know was how to mesh the two together in a manner that would attract my right-fit client. And I’ve definitely learned how to do that now.


"I can heartily give my recommendation and testimonial to the content and the delivery of Catherine’s Signature Programs that Scale™."

If you see the word “over-deliver" in the dictionary, Catherine’s picture is right next to it... It has been such an honor and pleasure to work with her. I am so excited to have my program out there, because I know for a fact I could not have been able to do this on my own.


If you’re ready to generate consistent & predictable monthly revenue from your Signature Program, then answer a few questions about yourself and schedule a call with Catherine.

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Signature Programs That Scale™ and answer any questions you may have.

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